Kundo Smart tools for an efficient customer service

Modern tools for better customer service - Mail, Chat, Forum and Social media!

Sweden's easiest supplier of digital customer service tools for companies! Our wide range of smart and efficient products includes Mail, Forum, Chat, FAQ, and Social Media features. We always offer personal support, training in Swedish, and regular follow-ups. All in order for you to deliver better customer service, keep more satisfied customers, get more visitors online, reduce customer service, and increase sales. Read more about our different products, or book a free demo and we'll show you how it works!

Communicate with your customers across all channels!

Kundo offers a complete product package for customer service in several different channels and with several different strengths. Forum for more efficient customer service, Mail for easier ticket management, Chat for quick support and Knowledge for easier information publishing. They are powerful in different ways - and unbeatable when used together.

  • Decrease the number of repeated questions
  • Self-service 24/7
  • Automatically showcase the most wanted answers
  • Easy collaboration in shared inboxes
  • Statistics of how you handle your e-mail
  • Smart features for efficient mail management
  • Personal and quick help directly on your website
  • Increased sales and customer satisfaction
  • Easy to use with many smart features
  • A structured and searchable FAQ
  • Easy publishing tool for your customer service team
  • Knowledge base for visitors and employees

Customer service is not a cost center — It's an opportunity

Be sure to offer the customer service your visitors deserve. With Kundo, you get complete control of communication with your customers and visitors. Easier for you and easier for your customers!

  • Many channels - one tool!

    Kundo's dashboard is the control panel for all your Kundo products. Here you have a full overview of your active products and activity in your various contact channels.

  • Easy to get started, easy to scale up!

    It is easy to get started with Kundo's products, and as easy to scale up. With our smart dashboard, you can easily build on more products without having to learn any new system.

  • Customer service experts

    We at Kundo are experts in customer service because we have learned from the best — our own customers! Together, we constantly develop new features and tools to make future customer service even better.

Learn from the best within customer service - our customers!

Kundo is used by several different companies, organizations and functions. Among our customers you will find municipalities, companies, authorities, customer service departments, sales teams, marketing departments and many more. Learn how our customers use Kundo and how it created value for them

  • SVT
  • Arla
  • Apoteket
  • Huddinge Kommun

A cloud service with many advantages

Kundo is a modern cloud service for easier and better customer service. All of Kundo's tools are handled in the same user-friendly control panel. You log into Kundo with a secure and personal login. No installation is required, and we at Kundo take care of all developments and updates. All in order for you to focus on meeting with the customer, not the technology.

Personal service and professional support

At Kundo you are awarded a success manager to help you succeed! You can take part in Kundo's extensive service offering with start-up meetings, Swedish and English courses, regular follow-up and personal service. In addition, we have a large team of skilled developers who will help you with questions and support regarding your Kundo products.

Customized implementation and startup

No development needed. It's easy to get started with Kundo's products on your website! We help you get everything in place and make sure it looks and feel like you want it to do.