Kundo Chat

Why Kundo Chat?

  • Guide your customer

    Focus on the people that didn't find the answer by themselves and increase the perceived availability and service level.

  • Help more people

    With Kundo Chat you are there when needed and reach target audiences that wouldn't have contacted you otherwise.

  • Resolve issues faster

    Decreased time per issue, and compared to phone calls you can multi-task with multiple concurrent chats.

  • Smart features

    Canned answers help you avoid typing the same answer again and again, see where on the customer is on your site etc.

  • Exceed expectations

    Chat is often the most appreciated channel, while also not something most customers expect.

  • Increased sales

    Get closer to your customers and help them complete their tasks.

How to get started with Kundo Chat

  1. Place the chat on your website

    Select the pages where the chat should show up and place a couple of lines of javascript on your site. You can adapt the look & feel and decide who should be able to answer chats on the settings page.

  2. A customer starts a chat with you

    The chat is displayed on the website when your employees are available. The customer clicks to start the chat, is met by a welcome message and can directly ask their question.

  3. Employees answer chats

    Each chat is automatically assigned to an available employee, who gets a clear notification in Kundo. The employee can now answer the chat, see which page the customer is on, and send and recieve files. Multiple chats can be handled simultaneously.

  4. History and statistics

    All chats are saved and can be found via search. They can also be categorized with tags, get assigned to colleagues and marked as needing follow up. The customer can be contacted via their e-mail address. A statistics view gives everyone an overview and includes useful information about the number of chats and how you've handled them.