Kundo Chat

Smart and simple customer chat for better customer service on your website

Kundo Chat is a smart and easy customer chat that simplifies customer service and sales on your website. With a digital chat support, you become more accessible and can quickly provide your visitors with the help they need. Kundo's chat tool comes with several smart features and is managed in the same simple dashboard as all other Kundo products.

Advantages of Kundo Chat

  • User-friendly tool

    A good-looking, responsive and user-friendly chat. Equally as easy to use for you as for your visitors.

  • A personal response

    A customer chat allows you to offer the personal presence on your website as expected by your visitors.

  • Faster ticket management

    Faster than email, easier than phone. A chat will help you solve your visitors' issues instantly.

  • Smart features for efficient customer service

    Prepared responses, statistics, assignment of tickets and several other features that make it easier for your customer service.

  • A chat helps more

    A digital chat increases your chances of contacting more audiences. You can also handle multiple chats at the same time.

  • Increase sales online

    Increase sales by always being available to potential customers online.

How does Kundo Chat work?

  1. Place the chat on your website

    Choose which pages the chat should be shown on, and place just a few lines of code on your site. You customize the chat look and who can respond to chats directly in the Kundo control panel.

  2. A customer starts a chat with you

    The chat will appear on the site when your employees have chosen to appear as available. The customer clicks on the chat, is met by a welcome message and can easily ask his question.

  3. Employees answer chats

    The chat is automatically assigned to an available employee who receives a notice in Kundo. The employee can now answer the chat, see what page the customer is on and send and receive files. You decide how many chats you can handle concurrently.

  4. History and statistics

    Chat history is saved and can be searched afterwards. They can be categorized with tags, assigned to colleagues and marked for follow-up. Chats are registered on the customer's customer card and you can quickly see if the customer has contacted you in other channels. Comprehensive statistics show information about the number of chats and how you handled them.

A fully-featured customer chat for professional customer service

Kundo Chat is one of Kundo's many products for better customer service. The chat is just like all other products a cloud service. This means that Kundo takes care of all updates and development of the product so that you can focus on the customers!

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Get started with Kundo Chat

Kundo Chat works well for itself, but even better together with more products from Kundo. All new customers have access to Kundo's Swedish support and training programs to get started in the best way. The price for Kundo Chat is based on how many products you use and how many people will work in the chat tool. Book a free demo by Kundo Chat and we will tell you more!

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