Kundo Forum

Why Kundo Forum?

  • Decrease number of issues

    The forum allows your customers to find answers without needing to contact you. The number of repeated questions decrease and you get time for more important tasks.

  • 24/7 Self-service

    Your customers can find answers 24/7 since almost all questions already have an answer. Your customers experience you as open and accessible.

  • Always accurate and up to date

    When content is built up by customers' questions, you're no longer one step behind when deciding which information should be in an FAQ.

  • One way in

    The forum works like a "digital customer service" - your customers don't need to figure out who to call for their kind of issue, you assign it to the right person behind the scenes.

  • Find the answer anywhere

    The content can be found everywhere your customer are. From Google, from Facebook. And of course you can integrate the forum with your website and your current search solution.

  • Be yourself

    Get closer to your customers. Get feedback, praise, and improvement suggestions that benefit your whole business. Strengthen your brand through open dialogue.

How our customers work with Kundo Forum

Kundo Forum has helped DNA discover problems much faster, and created an internal understanding and insight for everyone in the company.

How to get started with Kundo Forum

  1. Create your forum at Kundo

    We create a forum at Kundo and help you step by step through the way, including customizing the look and feel according to your own graphical profile. We hold introduction courses for your customer service and explain how to link to your forum from your site for maximum impact.

  2. Customer searches through existing questions and answers

    The customer finds your forum via your website or through Google. A prominent search box leads the customer to existing questions so that they in many cases won't need to contact you at all.

  3. The customer can write a new post

    If the customer can't find an answer to their question, or still wants to contact you, they can write a new post in the forum. You chose if you want posts to become visible right away or if you want to review them first.

  4. New posts and comments show up in the dashboard

    Employees see unanswered posts and comments clearly in Kundo's dashboard. Symbols denote who works with what, if posts have went unanswered too long etc. Conversations can be assigned, marked for follow up, and categorized. You are in full control of the dialogue and decide when to show new posts in the forum and who can posts new content.

  5. History and statistics

    Easy to understand statistics show the number of posts and comments, response times, which customers are most active in the forum etc. Monthly reports get sent out with an overview of the activity in the forum. Together we can customize the reports so it contains what you need.