Kundo Forum

Take your customer service to the next level! Test a support and query forum that quickly reduces the number of questions to customer service

Kundo Forum is a digital support and customer forum that makes it easy to publish frequently asked questions and answers to your website. Unlike a common FAQ, the content of the forum is user-generated and constantly up-to-date. This then your visitors can easily post new questions if the answer is not already available. Your customer service team selects which questions and answers will be published to help more, and who should be answered privately. A modern, easy and efficient customer service tool! Read more below, or book a free demo and we'll show you how it works!

Advantages of Kundo Forum

  • Self-service around the clock

    The forum is available to your visitors around the clock and easily available on mobile, tablet and computer.

  • User generated content

    The forum is easily updated when new questions are asked, and is therefore always relevant to your visitors.

  • Personal customer service

    Create an increased sense of personal presence, without taking more time! Get to know your customers through feedback, praise and improvement suggestions.

  • A support forum that reduces recurring questions

    The forum quickly reduces recurring issues by making common responses and information available to many.

  • Follow-up and statistics tools

    Kundo provides you with comprehensive statistics to help you track the number of tickets, common questions, and opportunities for improvement.

  • No development required!

    Kundo Forum is a cloud service that is updated and developed by us at Kundo. All in order for you to focus on delivering world-class service.

Companies using support forums from Kundo

It's no coincidence that hundreds of Swedish companies, organizations, authorities and municipalities already use the Kundo Forum. Read about how the support forum created value for companies like Arla, Skistar and the Swedish Board of Agriculture.

Kundo Forum has helped DNA discover problems much faster, and created an internal understanding and insight for everyone in the company.

How does Kundo Forum work?

  1. We create your customer forum at Kundo

    We help you to quickly set up a forum on Kundo and make sure to customize the forum to your graphical profile. We hold a start-up meeting and educate your customer service staff and tips on how you clearly link the forum to your website to create the right effects. All our courses can be done on site with you and offered in Swedish and English!

  2. Customer searches through existing questions and answers

    The customer finds your forum via your website or through Google. A prominent search box leads the customer to existing questions so that they in many cases won't need to contact you at all.

  3. The customer can write a new post

    If the customer can't find an answer to their question, or still wants to contact you, they can write a new post in the forum. You chose if you want posts to become visible right away or if you want to review them first.

  4. New posts and comments show up in the dashboard

    Employees can see unanswered posts and new comments in Kundo's dashboard. Symbols show who works with what, when posts have been unanswered for a long time, etc. Conversations can be assigned, followed up and categorized. You have full control of the customer dialogue and control what is shown in the forum and who can post new posts.

  5. History and statistics

    Comprehensive statistics show the number of posts and comments, response times, which customers are most active in the forum, etc. Monthly reports are sent out with a clear summary of the activity last month. Reports can be customized with us at Kundo.

Kundo on Facebook, SEO and integration with your website

The content of your support forum should be easy to find wherever your customers are. Therefore, we have made it easy to integrate Kundo's systems with your website and search function there. There is a complete and easy integration to directly link the forum to your page on Facebook. The user-generated content and forum design also help you climb the search results on Google. Learn more about the benefits of the product sheet for Kundo Forum!

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Gather together Forum, Chat, Mail, FAQ and Social on Kundo's customer service platform

Why use and pay for multiple different customer service tools for different channels? Make it easier for you and your customers - gather customer communications in one place. All Kundo products are handled in the same easy control panel. In addition to full control of all case management and customer service, you also receive Swedish world-class support. Book a free demo for the price of a complete customer service solution that suits you!

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