Kundo Knowledge

A digital knowledge base and FAQ for your website!

Do you need a simple tool for publishing digital guides, instructions or a FAQ? With Kundo Knowledge you get just that! In the tool you quickly and easily publish digital guides, instructions, articles and information. Everything is presented in a digital knowledge bank that you style to match your brand, and as you decide who will have access. Best of all, the tool is a cloud service that is a bus duel to use and as we continually develop and improve for you. Book a free demo and we'll show you how it works!

Advantages of Kundo Knowledge

  • Structured and searchable

    Guides are published in one or more categories and are searchable via a powerful search function. You can create synonyms and alternative keywords yourself.

  • Smart widget on your website

    With a great widget on your site, your visitors get easy access to the knowledge base and other alternative contact routes.

  • Updated and quality assured content

    Appoint content managers for different guides who will be notified when it is time to review and update the content.

  • Smart layout and structure

    The knowledge base is as easy to navigate for both employees and visitors. Of course you can customize the design to suit your needs.

  • Insights and ongoing improvements

    Thanks to customer feedback, guides that need improvements are available at a glance. You can also connect external statistics tools such as Google Analytics.

  • No development required

    All services from Kundo are cloud services. Which means that Kundo manages all updates and developments so that you can focus on something else.

How does Kundo Knowledge work?

  1. Create the knowledge base at Kundo

    You quickly and easily create a knowledge base in Kundo. We will help you with all the steps along the way and adapt the knowledge base to your graphic profile. We train your employees and show how you clearly link to the knowledge bank from your website.

  2. Your employees can easily publish information

    Kundo Knowledge provides your customer service staff with a simple tool for quickly publishing guides and articles. You do not have to worry about publishing or updating content on your website. You can format the guides with pictures, videos, headlines, links and anything else you may need.

  3. Visitors search and find the right answer in the knowledge bank

    Customers find your knowledge base through your website or through searches on Google. A simple search function leads the customer to existing questions so that in many cases they do not need to contact you.

  4. You will receive feedback on the content

    Your visitors can easily provide feedback on whether the guide was helpful or not. If not, alternative contact routes are automatically displayed. You get statistics on which guides work well and which ones can be improved.

  5. You are fully confident that everything is up to date and current

    Appoint content managers that will receive reminders to review the content for which they are responsible. You will ensure that your knowledge base contains current and relevant information.

Knowledge as a knowledge base for your visitors and customers

Do you need a knowledge base where you can publish guides and instructions, or maybe downloadable forms or videos? Then a knowledge bank from Kundo is the solution for you! Here your visitors and customers will easily get all the information you have chosen to publish. Of course, everything is as easily available on the mobile.

Or as an internal knowledge database for your employees

How does parental leave work, what is our travel policy, what are our health care benefits? With an internal knowledge base from Kundo, you can easily publish useful information and guidelines for your employees. You choose, of course, all who will have access to the information.

Give your visitors easy access to both the knowledge base and your forum with a great widget

Makes it easier for visitors to your site to find the help and information they need. The widget for Kundo Knowledge is easily placed on the corner of any page you want it on. Your visitors will have direct access to search through guides, knowledge articles, and forum posts without leaving your website.