Kundo Knowledge

Why Kundo Knowledge?

  • Structured and searchable

    Guides are published in one or more categories and are searchable through a powerful search engine. You can add synonyms and other alternative search keywords.

  • Qualitative content that is continuously updated

    Assign a content curator for each guide and get notices when it's time to review and update content.

  • Customize look & feel

    The look & feel of Kundo Knowledge can easily get customized to fit your graphical profile. You can also place Kundo Knowledge on a subdomain to your own website.

  • Powerful and streamlined publishing

    Easily preview how guides look in a computer, tablet or phone. Publish content with support for formatting headings, links, images and movies.

  • Insights and continuous feedback

    Thanks to customer feedback, guides that need improvements are available at a glance. You can also connect external statistics tools such as Google Analytics.

  • Streamlined setup

    Kundo Knowledge is a cloud service, so there's nothing to install. You are ready to go with a couple of clicks.

How to get started with Kundo Knowledge

  1. Create your knowledge base at Kundo

    We create your knowledge base at Kundo and guide you step by step, including customizing the look and feel according to your own graphical profile. We hold introduction courses for your customer service and explain how to link to your knowledge base from your site for maximum impact.

  2. Effortless publishing for your customer service team

    Kundo Knowledge gives customer service an easy tool to quickly publish guides and knowledge articles. You get rid of the hassle of publishing or updating material on your web site. You use formatting tools like images, headings, links, and everything else you expect.

  3. Customers search the knowledge base

    Customers find your knowledge base via your website or through Google. A prominent search box leads the customer to existing guides so that they in many cases won't need to contact you at all.

  4. Customers leave feedback

    Customers can show you if each guide was helpful or not, and can optionally be presented with alternative ways of contacting you after leaving feedback. You'll get statistics over which guides work well, and which needs further improvements.

  5. Always accurate and up to date

    You can assign content curators that get review reminders for their assigned content. That way you ensure the accuracy and relevancy of your knowledge base.