Kundo Mail

Kundo Mail - Smart and modern mail management for business and customer service

Tired of flags, labels and missed mail in Outlook? Move mail management to Kundo Mail! In Kundo's tool you will find all the features you need to easily work together with large volumes of emails and common inboxes. You get full access to all incoming mail and can easily handle multiple cases at the same time. Smart features ensure that all mail is answered, you see who is working with what, what needs to be followed up, and what issues are recurring. Sure does it sound good? Book a free demo and we'll show you how it works!

Advantages of Kundo Mail

  • Collect your email in one place

    Take control of your email by collecting all your inboxes and email in the same place.

  • Smart ticket management

    Assign incoming email a ticket number for easier collaboration and faster responses.

  • Clear ownership of conversations

    See who works with what and who is responsible for answering.

  • Automatic rules

    With automatic rules, you can determine in advance how incoming mail is to be distributed within the team.

  • Prepared responses for quick case management

    Save time with prepared responses for frequently asked questions.

  • User-friendly control panel

    Kundo Mail is handled in the same easy to use control panel as other Kundo products.

How does Kundo Mail work?

  1. Forward your mail to Kundo

    Getting started with Kundo Mail is easy. You choose which email addresses you want to forward to Kundo and then set the desired settings directly in the tool.

  2. Your customers and visitors send emails just as usual

    Kundo Mail works just like as regular email for your customers. As usual, the customer can continue to email you at the same addresses as before. For you, it's even easier!

  3. New email are shown as unanswered in Kundo's dashboard

    You'll see unanswered email in Kundo's dashboard. Symbols show who works with what and if email has been left unanswered for a long time. Conversations can be assigned, followed up and categorized.

  4. History and statistics

    All conversations are saved and can be searched afterwards. All tickets with a particular customer can be searched. Comprehensive statistics show the number of conversations, response times, categories, and more. Monthly reports are sent out with a clear summary of the activity in your inboxes.

Gather your customer service in Kundo's smart all-in-one solution

Kundo Mail is one of several smart tools from Kundo. The mail is handled in the same easy control panel as Kundo Forum, Chat, Knowledge and Social. That way, you can easily track multiple channels at once without jumping between different tools and services. Save time, money and resources by collecting customer service in the same place. Book a free demo so we'll pass and tell you how!

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Kundo Mail adheres to the new GDPR directives!

Like all of Kundo's products, Kundo Mail follows all the requirements and rules that the new data protection regulation (GDPR) requests. All products have all the support needed to handle collected personal data.