Kundo Mail

Why Kundo Mail?

  • Improved collaboration

    Stay in control by assigning to colleagues and setting reminders. Avoid answering the same e-mail twice and see what your colleagues work with in real-time.

  • Statistics and analysis

    Kundo Mail gives you statistics about everything that happens: number of incoming and outgoing e-mails, response times, common themes etc.

  • User friendly and efficient

    You'll get an easy to use system, that both your customers and your colleagues will love!

  • Canned answers

    Does the same question show up again and again? With canned answers you'll have your answer ready in no time.

  • No more lost e-mails or double replies

    Kundo Mail shows you the state of your inbox at a glance. You'll get an overview of all conversation and can be sure everyone gets an answer.

  • History for the whole team to see

    The team works in the same inbox where everyone sees everything written before, so you don't have to send copies around.

How to get started with Kundo Mail

  1. Forward e-mail to Kundo

    Getting started with Kundo Mail is easy. You choose one or more e-mail addresses to forward to Kundo and change and settings directly on the settings page.

  2. The customer sends you an e-mail

    Kundo Mail works like regular e-mail, both for you and the customers. The customer can continue e-mailing you the same way they are used to, and the same e-mail address as before, with the same e-mail program they are used to.

  3. E-mail is displayed as unanswered in the dashboard

    Employees see unanswered e-mail and others that needs attention in Kundo's clear dashboard. Symbols denote who works with what, if posts have went unanswered too long etc. Conversations can be assigned, marked for follow up, and categorized.

  4. History and statistics

    All conversations are saved and can be found via search later on. All issues with a certain customer can easily be found. Clear statistics show the number of conversations, response times, categories etc. Monthly reports are sent out with a easy to read summary of the activity in your inboxes.