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Are you playing from Turkey and experiencing Server Errors?

We're aware some of our Turkish players have been experiencing Server Errors, in particular the SSL_CONNECT_ERROR and SIGN-IN TIMEOUT errors.

This has been known to occur when a player's ISP is blocking their network requests to our servers, usually due to some sort of Internet security enforced by the ISP.

You can check if your ISP is blocking your network requests by:

1. Access this URL from your PC, and ensure no VPN connections are active:
2. A blank page should be displayed, and it should be encrypted (‘Secure’ as seen in the screenshot beneath):

3. If anything else is displayed - an error, or if the page is not encrypted, this indicates that a connection to our servers could not be established

In this situation, we recommend that you contact your ISP and ask what is the reason that the URL cannot be resolved, and ask them to address the issue.

If the page linked above displays as expected (blank, and encrypted) please see here for more information on the SSL_CONNECT_ERROR, or here for the SIGN-IN TIMEOUT error.

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