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Have you received a duplicate item from a Bögenhafen Strongbox?

There's a couple of potential reasons you may have received a duplicated item from a Bögenhafen Strongbox:

Reason #1:

You've obtained all possible items from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, which is why you're now receiving duplicates.

We have an end reward planned for those in this situation which will be obtainable through Okri's Challenges. This will be available in our next update.

For those that have received all possible items from the Bögenhafen Strongboxes, the Bögenhafen weeklies will no longer be available and players will not receive more Bögenhafen Strongboxes than cosmetics attainable*.

There will be no reimbursed strongboxes, nor additional rewards (such as Commendation Chests) instead.

*This change was made on the morning of Monday the 11th of February for our PC players after a slight delay. Some players may have received Bögenhafen weeklies due to this.

*The end reward is not yet available for console players. This will be included in an upcoming patch.

Reason #2:

There's a known visual issue where sometimes newly obtained illusions will appear duplicated within your inventory.

This is simply a copy of the existing newly obtained illusion which will disappear after having logged out and back in.

You have not lost out on the opportunity to earn another illusion.
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