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[PC] More information about the 'SSL_CONNECT_ERROR'

UPDATE, March 4th, 2019: It became apparent that the information below wasn't applicable to some players who would experience the 'SSL_CONNECT_ERROR'. In the 1.6 beta, we included some changes to address this error.  

In version 1.5, we introduced additional security checks in Vermintide 2. It will report an `SSL_CONNECT_ERROR` if Vermintide 2 can't securely connect to our back end.

Perhaps you're on business WiFi or a university campus which filters certain websites, or your parents have installed 'web nanny' software that monitors what kind of network traffic you're receiving, and blocking based on certain criteria.

What those filters need to do is look at your traffic. The only way to do that, when you're using secure https connections, is to either compromise the hardware router you're using, or install 'snooping' software on your machine.

In order to access the Vermintide 2 service you will need to make adjustments to these or request that administrators make adjustments to these to ignore the Vermintide 2 service. Regrettably, we cannot offer much advice on specifics since there are simply too many variables involved that can 'compromise' a network, so we recommend speaking to either the administrator of your network, or checking in to any services you may have running locally that could be interfering with your network.

This also includes software and hardware Firewalls and some Anti-Virus suites. We recommend briefly disabling any Firewall and Anti-Virus software (where of course safe and possible) and attempting to run Vermintide 2 again once more to isolate the problem. If this solves the problem, reactivate/reinstall your Firewall or Anti-Virus and attempt to re-add Vermintide 2 to your exception list(s).

However, if you are playing from Russia and experiencing this error, it may be a result of the Russian Government's ban on various IP addresses which have been known to include those are servers are located behind. This article put together by one of our Russian players may help you reconnect.
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