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Want to reset your progress in Vermintide 2?

Currently there is no way to reset your progress in Vermintide 2 by yourself, but we're happy to assist with this.

Please be aware that we can't honour specific requests and can only wipe all progress across all heroes and careers, as if you were starting over as a new player. All existing progress and equipment will be reset.  

The Collector's Edition items will be restored upon login after the account has been wiped.

Time-limited items such as event Portrait Frames cannot be restored. 

If this is something you wish to proceed with, please submit a Support Ticket and include the URL to your Steam profile.

We'll then need to run through some verification steps to ensure the account belongs to you.

Once you have been informed that your account has been reset, please allow at least 10 minutes before playing for the reset to complete.
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