Kundo Social

Kundo Social - autumn 2018!

Kundo Social enables you to handle questions and comments from Facebook directly in Kundo. You get better control and an overview of what is written, who responded, and what needs to be done. All in the same simple dashboard as with Kundo's other products. It doesn't get easier than this!

Kundo Social will be launched during the second half of 2018, but you can already give notice of your interest in Kundo Social. We will keep you updated on the latest news and activities related to the launch of Kundo Social.

This is how you use Kundo Social

  1. Connect your Facebook page to Kundo

    Getting started with Kundo Social is easy. You quickly connect your Facebook page to Kundo, and you can see who will be able to reply on Facebook directly from the Kundo dashboard.

  2. The customer writes to you on Facebook

    Everything that is written to you on Facebook is now visible directly in Kundo, and your editors can reply to comments and posts easily, without needing to log in on Facebook.

  3. New comments and messages are shown as unanswered on your dashboard

    You choose how you want to manage new questions in Kundo Social. Each unanswered question is shown clearly, and you will see what other customers have written in the same thread. Comments and messages can be assigned among colleagues, and you will see who is working with what, what has gone unanswered for a long time, and what needs to be followed up on.