Can Kekkilä Huussikäymälä be used indoors?

Hi! Do you speak English?
I would like to put Kompostoiva huussikäymälä 230L inside the country house (so not in the outhouse, but into the actual house itself). However the description of this product says that it's to be used outside. Isn't it suitable for inside? I've got an old farm house where there is a special room where and old fashioned dry toilet used to be before. That's where I would like to place this composting toilet. I would dig under the floor, so that the toilet seat would be on the right level and I would turn the composting toilet in the way that the emptying would take place from the front as I'll build a latch into the floor to open it for emptying. Do you think that would work? Do you think I'd get smell disturbances or any other problems while using this product inside the house? Thank you for a speedy answer 😀


  • Hi Teele!
    Thank you for your message. Kompostoiva huussikäymälä 230 L could be used inside just as well as outside. If you have AC or other machine made ventilation in your cottage, we recommend consulting LVI company. Air circulation for Huussikäymälä is based on air preassure. AC will beat this, so there will be smell. Also, make sure your ventilation pipe goes at least 1 meter above the highest point of your roof.
    Kekkilä Garden
  • Hi! Thank you for the reply 😀
    So, would this include a heat pump? And does that matter at all in which room the heat pump is placed and if there is a door or doors shut between the spaces?
    Also, I don't think I would be able to extend the ventilation pipe into such heights. The house has a traditional gable roof and the specific space where I would like to place the composting toilet is in the area in the house where the roof is the lowest. That means that the ventilation pipe is to exit the roof at a point where there would be several meters until the highest point of the roof, let alone extending it even fiurther to reach the one meter above objective.
    Do you think these matters should actually stop me from going ahead with my plan? Or is there perhaps an electricity fed ventilation option I could use to balance out these issues?
    Thanks again 😀

  • Hello Teele,
    On matters regarding LVI solutions, we always recommend turning to professionals of the field, e.g., specialized hardware stores and professional LVI engineers.
    Kekkilä Garden

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